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Frequently asked questions

How do I make a claim?
You can call our Claim Notification Line 24/7. Please read the instructions on the how to make a claim page before calling.
I recently joined the Territorial Army. Do I qualify for Forces Plan?
Yes, any serving member of HM Forces can buy a Forces Plan insurance policy.
However, if you live in the UK and you own your home, we may recommend that you take out a civilian Cherish Home Insurance policy with a special HM Forces extension. In certain circumstances this may give you better value for money.
Simply get a quote or contact us to find out if this applies.
I'm a Forces Plan policyholder and am just about to retire from the Forces. Can I still continue the policy?
Forces Plan is specifically for the serving military, but that's not a problem! When the time comes, we should be able to move you onto one of our civilian home insurance policies without interruption to your cover. And of course, you'll continue to enjoy the same great service and excellent value for money.
Contact us now to find out more - and be sure to tell us you are an existing customer!
I recently retired from HM Forces. Can I still buy a policy?
Forces Plan is specifically tailored to the serving military and therefore would not be suitable for you.
However, we do have a 5 Star civilian Home Insurance Policy which offers you outstanding cover and excellent value for money. Please call for a quote and do let us know that you are ex-military.
Is Forces Plan an annual or monthly policy?
Forces Plan is a monthly policy. This means that payment is made monthly via direct debit from your bank account. There are no annual renewal notices and you can amend or increase your cover at any time.
Can I pay by credit card?
No, payment is in monthly instalments via direct debit from your bank account only.
I have children in boarding school. Are their possessions covered by Forces Plan?
Yes, as long as you have chosen the Personal Possessions option, your children's personal possessions are automatically included up to your specified level of cover.