Military family insurance: how to get worldwide cover for you and your family members

Are you looking for military family insurance? Here’s everything you need to know about global military kit and home contents cover for you, your family and dependents
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A life in the British Armed Forces is a special and rather unique one. It’s a journey that can reshape the lives of not only those who serve but their spouse, family members and dependents.

Luckily, it is possible to get a military family insurance policy carefully tailored to your lifestyle. You can protect our nation’s interests with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are covered from the various intricacies that come with your job and property arrangements.

There are a host of military insurance policies on the market from car and home content insurance to life and military kit cover. This article outlines the types of military family insurance available for HM Forces personnel, but focuses on our specialisms: military kit and armed forces home insurance.

Types of military family insurance

Like standard military insurance policies designed for individual Servicemen and women, military insurance for family members includes a variety of policy types, such as:

  • Military family kit insurance
  • Military family home contents insurance
  • Military family car insurance
  • Military family life insurance
  • Military family health insurance
  • Military family dental insurance

Forces Plan provides cover for military kit, home contents, personal possessions, license to occupy and more, which we will expand on shortly.

What’s the definition of ‘military family’?

For insurance purposes, Forces Plan consider family to be your spouse, domestic partner or civil partner, children, domestic staff and any other person all permanently residing
with you and not paying a commercial rent.

Why do I need military family home insurance?

As you well know, working for HM forces is not like your average nine-to-five job. Your living arrangements and travel demands are unique and affect the whole family.

Furthermore, you could be deployed onto foreign soil at a moment’s notice – and you really don’t have time to worry about your military insurance coverage when you do.

Forces Plan can provide a tailored worldwide insurance policy specifically designed for those currently serving in:

  • British Army
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • RAF
  • Special Forces
  • Cadets
  • Reservists
  • Attached MOD civilians

Most military insurance companies are specifically tailored to serving armed forces rather than military veterans. However, Cherish Insurance Services does have a 5 Star civilian home insurance policy which offers outstanding cover and excellent value for money.

If this is of interest, please get in touch and inform us that you are ex-military.

What’s covered in forces family insurance?

Forces Plan’s flagship product, Premium Kit & Home, delivers extensive cover for British troops who live with their families in Service Families Accommodation (SFA), private homes or similar, across the globe, including:

  • Armed forces kit and home contents
  • Personal effects, gadgets and sports equipment
  • Removals, transit and student belongings
  • Liability covers, Domestic helpline, Legal protection
  • Accidental damage and new for old replacement

Granting you worldwide cover for your whole family, this tailored policy is built to include everything you’re likely to need in a military kit and contents insurance policy.

It’s important to know exactly what’s covered on your insurance policy in order to avoid any nasty surprises come claim time

As standard, Forces Plan covers loss or damage to household goods, military kit, personal effects and valuables – while they are in the home.

To name just some of the Premium Kit & Home policy highlights, the home contents covered include the following:

  • Military kit
  • Household goods, fixtures, fittings, interior decorations
  • Personal effects including gadgets
  • Valuables
  • Money
  • Credit card liability
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Business equipment
  • Student belongings
  • License to Occupy Liability
  • Frozen food
  • Emergency entry
  • Replacement locks
  • Temporary removal of home contents
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Family legal protection
  • And so much more. View a full list here

All the above are included if they belong to you or your family, or that you or they are legally responsible for them. With the exclusion of business equipment and your military kit, they must be mainly used for private purposes.

Get worldwide cover for you and your family.

Learn more about our Premium Kit & Home now or get a quick, no-obligation quote.

Can you cover personal possessions away from the home?

Yes, personal possessions can be added to your Forces Plan policy as an optional extra. Covering £500-£15,000, this gives you global cover for loss or damage to forces kit, personal effects, valuables and money.

What doesn’t Forces Plan military family insurance cover?

While our popular Premium Kit & Home policy offers extensive, great value cover, it does not cover the following:

  • Unoccupied or unattended property
  • Theft from an unattended vehicle unless secure and out of sight
  • Damage caused by pets or vermin
  • Mechanical breakdown or data loss
  • Depreciation or wear and tear
  • Vehicles and watercraft

Many Forces Plan policyholders take out an additional military car insurance policy to supplement their Forces Plan military kit and contents insurance policy.

Why choose Forces Plan military insurance?

We understand just how vital the British armed forces are to our nation and livelihoods.
Our mantra is: You protect us, now let us protect you.

We do that by:

  • Truly understanding the needs of Service personnel and their families
  • Creating tailored, industry-leading insurance policies that placate that need
  • Using our relationship with AXA to ensure a claim reaches a fair conclusion
  • Being flexible and transparent with easy policy amends and no admin fees
  • Removing stress with manageable monthly payments and no credit agreements

Here are some more great reasons:

tick One of the most affordable policies
tick Forces insurance experts since 1983
tick 24/7 claims & speedy response times
tick UK-based customer support
tick Worldwide cover
tick Underwritten by AXA
tick Increase or decrease cover at any time
tick Manageable monthly payments
We’ve got you covered.

How can I get a military family insurance?

You can get a military family insurance quote in a matter of minutes with absolutely no obligation. Simply visit our online quote engine. Alternatively, please get in contact with a member of our UK support centre between 9am and 5pm on weekdays to discuss any queries.

But don’t be concerned if you’re not entirely sure which policy is right for you. Your quote will automatically identify the best policy for you based on the answers you provide in the quote engine. Simple.

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